Three urban art projects based on simple ideas, bringing people together.

Selfless portraits & Strangers Drawing Strangers

Selfless Portraits and ‘Strangers Drawing Strangers’ is two collaborative art projects aiming to bridge the gap between technology and humanity by encouraging small, creative gestures between strangers across the globe.


Shani Ha has turned a bistro table into an interactive installation. The table is playing with the boundaries of public spaces and questioning social interactions and relationships.

New York is a very crowded city yet so many people are alone. In a city where more than half of the population is single, everyone seems eager to meet someone even if we keep on ignoring people around us, in the real life.


Rainworks are positive messages and art that appear when it rains. The purpose is to make people smile on rainy days.

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At Sharing.Lab we’re dedicated explorers of how to bring attention to the social aspect of the sharing economy. Now that it’s become a mega trend, we’re highly interested in how it can bring people closer together in real life.

If you’ve come across projects with similar aims, don’t hesitate to let us know. Also, feel free to comment, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject.