Sharing.Lab is a network of urban actors with multidisciplinary skills, who research and experiment with common places.


The core team is the founders and gate keepers of our mission.

Peter Just

Peter serves as a mentor and ongoing business developer for Sharing.Lab. He has an extended experience from the start-up world and always seeks to improve ways of living. His latest invention OurHub is a by product of Sharing.Lab and founded with Caroline in 2015. With his vast network he opens doors and creates opportunities, not only for Sharing.Lab but for all those who want to innovate.

You can reach him at:

Caroline de Francqueville Hansen

Caroline has worked with urban innovation the last 10 years, where 5 of those were in her home city, Paris. She is a keen writer and is our main author on Medium, exploring and discussing urban trends. Her interests lie at the crossing between urban studies, technology and social changes.

In partnership with Elisa, Caroline develops Sharing.Lab’s methods and theories, which are put to work in both research and city projects.

Catch her at:

Elisa Katriona

Elisa finished her master in Communication in 2015 and have since done a variety of communication tasks. She knows her way around digital communication and have also worked with communication as a change agent in organisations. She has a long term experience as a leader and community organiser and is passionate about bringing people together for shared commons. She is very interested in inclusivity, fairness and innovations that impacts a better future for all.

In partnership with Caroline, she applies communication tools to the Sharing.Lab’s methodologies and is the Chief editor of Sharing.Lab’s Medium page.

Say hi to her at:


Are those who develop and participate in projects that create more inclusive cities and common spaces.

Rebecca Norberg

Rebecca met with Sharing.Lab in 2017. With a bachelor in landscape architecture, a master in spatial design and several years of experience as a freelance graphic designer, her role as a co-creator is primarily that of an art director and space maker. She is especially interested in matters concerning diversity, equality and the link between aesthetics and politics.

In collaboration with the core-team, Rebecca works with project development, strategy and communication.


Are those feeding our collective brain. They send us emerging trends and help us write and share the stories we explore in our cities.



We are always on the lookout for inspiring people to co-create with, tell us about yourself at and let’s meet for a cup of something.