Sharing Sum Up — Week 37

Hi there, in light of the current migrant situation in Europe, we think you should start this weeks newsletter by seeing this video.

Uber is quick to use the migrant situation to get some PR: The #UberGiving campaign where Uber collect donated items for refugees in 23 cities.

New organizational forms establish different forms of collectivity.

Here are some different scenarios for a collaborative economy.

An interesting article on what makes Uber run.

If Uber is the apotheosis of the current technology boom, its roots date to the first dotcom frenzy.

The Empathy Museum is an experiential adventure space for stepping into the shoes of other people and looking at the world through their eyes. Their introduction film explains further.

As “sharing economy” fades, these 2 phrases are likely to replace it.

We’ll end with a quite amusing collection of 50 ways to make money from things you own — from how to rent out your backyard to lending out your spare cash.

That’s all from us this week, have a great weekend. Remember to take care of yourself and the refugees in your country.

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