Sharing Sum Up — Week 24

Let’s get right to it with a quote by Lee-Sean Huang:

We recently hosted an event on community resilience with Chiara from Enabling City and here is Peter talking about one of our upcoming projects. Thanks to everyone who came!

Our friends at Shareable wrote how neighbourhood exchange boxes in Geneva have reused tons of goods, so here’s a guide for how to set up your own exchange box.

The Post-Ownership Society — where the “sharing economy” allows Millennials to cope with downward mobility, and also makes them poorer.

OuiShare released the videos from this years Fest and here’s a great talk by Charles Eisenstein on gift cosmology.

We interviewed Signe from OPENgardenCPH — an urban farming design firm focused on developing urban concepts and reconnecting people to nature.

Rajesh Makwana has summed up his thoughts on this years OuiShare Fest:

“There is still much scope for widening OuiShare’s focus on the political drivers of the social and environmental crises that concern many of those attending the event, as well as the role that the ethic and practice of sharing can play in addressing them.”

In Uganda the concept of commons and the sharing of resources has always been central to the clan’s ability to sustain not just their resources but also their customs and culture. Jason Taylor has shot a stunning short film (see below) and photos of the Karamojong in Karamoja.

That’s all from us at Sharing.Lab this week, have a great weekend. Oh and yes, we have caved in and now have a Facebook page.

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