Sharing Sum Up — Week 20

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Rachel Botsman, Pieter van de Glind and Mia de Villa have developed The Collaborative Economy Library. A place where they curate the highest-quality research being done on the collaborative economy.

Freakonomics podcast on the sharing economy.

J.M. Ledgard anticipates that we in the future might see drones serving solutions demanded by a sharing economy.

For the Spectator to join the ‘sharing economy’ is a little bit like a hotly anticipated first date. It could end in tears, a broken heart or that colossally irritating feeling of having wasted your time. But it’s also exciting — and if it goes well, could open up a whole new world.

Guardian has noticed that communal living projects are moving from hippie to mainstream.

The idea behind the Tiny House Movement is to bring tiny houses together in one place to create communities that share land, time together, skills, support, and other resources.

Planned Obsolescence – The throw away life style. A video by  inspired by the documentary “The light bulb conspiracy” by Cosima Dannoritzer.

And we will be at the OuiShare Fest 2015 next week, can’t wait! Hope to see you there!

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