Sharing Sum Up — Week 19

This week you can sign up to be the star in a new film on the sharing economy, Airbnb train for a marathon and Chicago is the bike-sharing capital of America. Plus much more, enjoy!

San Francisco’s Pavement to Parks program work with neighbourhoods to create and test their ideas for new public places, by utilising underused third spaces.

BYLYD #4 — a podcast (in Danish) about the temporary urban spaces.

Star in, or support an outdoor adventure film inspired by the sharing economy by GearCommons.

A lovely Danish school project about sharing your time to help others.

Leading up to the Airbnb Brooklyn Half Marathon on May 16, Airbnb celebrate the people, places, and experiences to be found in Brooklyn.

Street furniture prototypes designed to make cities more adaptable for disabled people.

Francesca Pick and Julia Dreher argue why Uber isn’t about sharing, and describe what real sharing should look like.

“Their drivers don’t happen to be riding through town and spontaneously decide to give somebody a ride. Since they are on the road because of the app, we cannot speak of “idling capacity” here. Nothing is actually being shared.”

Chicago is now the bike-sharing capital of America.

And last, lessons from synchronized swimmers on banding together to fight climate change. #climatechangeisreal

That’s all from us at Sharing.Lab this week, have a great weekend. And remember to sign up for the first music sharing event in Copenhagen next week!

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