Sharing Sum Up — Week 17

Hello there! This week we discover the similarities of on-demand companies and strip clubs, why the sharing economy movement should focus on climate change and socio-economic exclusion, and that there’s an airbnb for toilets. Plus much more, enjoy!

Liss-Riordan argues that the on-demand companies aren’t disrupting, but they’re just copying the behavior of industries like strip clubs.

Rajesh Makwana is reflecting on the future of the sharing economy.

At a time when inequality is on the rise and nations are failing to reduce global carbon emissions, what does the future hold for the sharing economy movement unless it mobilises to reform government policies that are the root cause of climate change and socio-economic exclusion?

Young adults, 18 to 24, are more interested in having experiences than owning things.

Have you heard of Airphp?

Could Copenhagen become the next Shared City?

The Share Spray (A New Way To Do Everything).

An article on how everybody’s crazy mad with TaskRabbit — but that they don’t really want to talk about their troubles.

The ‘next sharing economy’ by Janelle Orsi.

The sharing un-economy: There are sharing services where money plays no part. This alternative system runs on generosity, actual sharing, swapping, or plain-old hospitality.

That’s all from us at Sharing.Lab this week, have a great weekend.

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