Sharing Sum Up — Week 16

This week we have a great mix of the philosophy on sharing, why we need a word for when companies refer to renting and selling as sharing, and a view on how the sharing economy will transform how we experience private space. Plus much more, enjoy!

The word WeWash is invented.

We love this essay on sharing by Wolfgang Sützl.

“When we say we share, what are we actually referring to? What kind of action is sharing? What do we know about it as something different from any form of exchange, economic or symbolic?”

Arun Sundararajan on the sharing economy.

Airbnb is doing a great job capturing the community spirit in Pineapple.

Share gear. Get outside. Meet GearCommons — the sharing economy for outdoor enthusiasts.

An article by  on how the IoT and sharing economy will transform the sphere of domesticity.

“It’s time for the sharing economy to become the sharing society.” — Sara Horowitz at Ouishare Fest 15

new wave of entrepreneurs who are using technology to bring people together in real life.

Photo by Michael Heiss

Ten quirky ideas for making our cities more sustainable, including trees that glow in the dark.

That’s all from us at Sharing.Lab this week.

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