Sharing Sum Up — Week 15

The first week after Easter Nesta launches a Collaborative Economy Research Network and the OuiShareFest 15 programme is official. We wrote a post on social objects, on a network of neighbours, and signed a global call for sharing. Plus much more, enjoy!

Interesting bike sharing project

The Guardian posted a scary photo series on our overpopulation and overconsumption.

Photo by Zak Noyle

We’re looking forward to OuiShareFest 15, the programme looks amazing!

Photo by Krystian Olszanski

We encourage you to sign this global call for sharing.

We’re looking forward to watching The Commons.

Photo by Christian Heeb

Here’s how Uber and the sharing economy could pave the way for worker-owned companies.

(AP Photo/Bastien Inzaurralde)

Here’s WellDeserved: A Marketplace For Privilege.

And here are some jokes on the ‘sharing economy’ by The Nib

That’s all from us this week, have a great weekend.