Sharing Sum Up — OuiShare Special

Hello fellow sharers. We’ve just been to Paris for the OuiShare Fest. Check it out at #OSFest15. Here’s a sum up of what we experienced, talked about and saw. The talks were recorded so should be up soon here.

Below are some images taken by us, Signe Elisabeth Sloth & Ellen Mygind Kristensen.





It was clear that the discourse are separating into two camps. One being the market-based camp where you have traditional companies employing sharing platforms. The other being the citizen-based camp where you have organisations wanting to use sharing to empower our world, and to achieve a common good.

#OuiShareRadio did a pod(beer)cast with us and Sharitories.

There’s many discussions on #blockchain at the #OSFest15, and here’s a great article on how society will Be transformed by crypto economics.

Indy Johar engaged in a great discussion on the role of capital and financial tools in driving innovation & socializing value. Check out his Project 00.

We did an interview with Neal Gorenflo from Shareable. Stay tuned.

The PhD student Elena Denaro told us about the first international workshop on the sharing economy in Utrecht.

Aral Balkan introduced a new critique of the sharing economy. He called it a bullshit tree with bullshit fruits.

Alessandra Orofino did a powerful presentation on how we can’t just be in our sharing bubble if we want to change the world, as it’s still being run by old power systems.

We did an interview with Rajesh Makwana from

Charles Eisenstein talked about the human and environmental perspective in sharing, and argued that we’ll not feel truly human unless we’re contributing to something greater than ourselves.

A great quote by Sara Horowitz“In the shared economy let’s not forget the silent stakeholders : the Earth and the next 2 generations.”