Sharing Sum Up — Week 38

Hello guys, hope you’re enjoying your week.

I just want to say that, in spite of our growing embarrassing reputation, most Danes are actually nice people who want to help the refugees. See for example Venligboerne (in Danish) — people gathering with the sole purpose of doing good for other people.

Anyway, back to the sharing economy, if it’s still alive.

Is the sharing economy dead? Five years ago, everybody was excited about the idea of using tech to borrow things like power drills. In practice, though, not so much.

Say hello to WeTruck — the first truck-pooling! Truck drivers are always alone in their truck, so why not utilize the space and build social connections?

We have done an interview with Emmy Laura Pérez Fjalland who is a PhD student, researching interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches to urban planning, governance and urbanism from a critical and empirical perspective.

Here are ten ways you can help strengthen the social fabric of your community and jump-start economic development by creating and sustaining healthy public spaces.

DogVacay is a company that connects pet owners with pet sitters through an online platform. The startup is trying to change the way we care for our dogs by offering an alternative to kennels.

“What I remember most are the funny stories from disgruntled riders. There was the woman whose driver showed up so drunk that she pushed him into the passenger seat and drove herself to Kennedy Airport.” an Uber Customer Service Rep

Hey. I’m sure you heard about me, but I’d like to introduce myself. I am the sharing economy.

That’s all from us this week, have a great weekend.

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