Sharing Sum Up — Week 32

We’re back from our holidays. Maybe you’re still enjoying yours, are back to work, or waiting for it to come up soon. Anyway, we hope you’re enjoying life.

Is the sharing economy a high stakes game of snakes and ladders?

Shareable has made a great list over the top 10 presentations from OuiShare Fest 2015.

Piclo — an online marketplace for renewable energy giving consumers and generators direct access to each other.

A thought provoking article on the change from capitalism to post-capitalism.

From Capitalism to the Age of Abundance.

OLIO — a free app which connects neighbours with each other and local shops so that surplus food can be shared — either for sale, or for free — not thrown away.

A conversation between an Uber passenger and his 87-year-old driver, Ruth Kleinberg.

That’s all from us at Sharing.Lab this week, have a great weekend.

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