AT Sharing.Lab, WE work with both our minds and hands and our services range from research studies and trendspotting to hands on common space making

We have an on-going project of mapping and exploring common spaces (primarily in or near Denmark). Through site visits and interviews we gain further insights on how they are governed, their strengths and what challenges they face.

Alongside this, we are currently building a common space network, whose ambition is to share experiences, expertise and to build further knowledge on top of it. We will do that through learning expeditions, unconferences, research and R&I projects.  

Our services range from co-creation and involvement, analysis and research, concept development, community building, place making, designing, construction of business models, animation and evaluation.

We also give talks in different settings (universities, seminars, conferences, etc.) and publish articles about urban and territorial social resilience on our own platform at Medium as well as in other medias such as the Danish Politiken Byrum – a news media for urban actors.


Reach out to us if you want to hear more about joining our network: