More brains, more power - we partner up with urban influencers, who share our vision and wants to create changes. We apply our methodologies in collaboration with municipalities and larger corporations, who are involved in city development and urban communities.

OurHub was founded by Sharing.Lab members Caroline, Peter and Henrik in 2015. It is an urban smart furniture which strengthens local communities through analogue games in urban spaces. When the app is launched, the hub will provide new data about users’ behavior in public space. That information will help take grounded decisions about the planning and future development of our common urban spaces.

Chronos is a research and foresight consultancy that provides expert consultation and research in areas such as mobility, territorial development, digital services and social practices. Chronos has three types of activities: observing through monitoring and strategic analysis activities, research and testing with multiple stakeholders, as well as advising and consulting partners in transition.

OuiShare is an international collective and think tank that aims to foster a more collaborative society through emerging digital technologies. Their expertise lies in bringing together stakeholders and thinkers of different ecosystems to solve specific problems, analyzing strategic questions around the collaborative transformation, and experimenting with innovative devices and new practices.


Write to us if you want to team up as a co-creator or if you want to hear how we can do work for you.

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