More brains, more power

We partner up with organisations, actors and influencers who share our vision and wants to create changes. We apply our methodologies in collaboration with municipalities and companies, who are involved in urban and rural development and/or communities. Below you can read about our two main partners.


OurHub was founded by Sharing.Lab members Caroline, Peter and Henrik in 2015. It is an urban smart furniture which strengthens local communities through analogue games in urban spaces. When the app is launched, the hub will provide new data about users’ behavior in public space. That information will help take grounded decisions about the planning and future development of our common urban spaces.


Chronos is a research and foresight consultancy providing expert consultation and analysis in areas such as mobility, territorial development, digital services and social practices.

Based in Paris, Chronos gathers expertise from different professional backgrounds (sociology, urban studies, management, media and communication) allowing the firm to provide multidisciplinary and foresight analyses on the future of territories, mobility and organizations.

As a member of GROUPE SOS, Chronos is a social business.


If you would like to know more about us and our network, say hello at and we’ll invite you over for a curious conversation.​