A network of neighbours who value their time and community

Via @EastVillageLDN

One rather sad thing most cities have in common, is that we rarely know our neighbours. We might have seen them on the staircase, or said hello in the elevator, but that’s how far it goes for most of us. What’s the reason for this? is it a cultural thing? or a fear that our neighbour would turn out to be too chatty for our liking? How come our cities increase in population, while we are lonelier than ever? What if our neighbours could become our friends or give us a helping hand once in a while?

This is something ShareEast is determined to fascilitate. It calls itself a ‘network of neighbours who value their time and their community’. The project, supported by Get Living London, aims to bring the community together and help people to meet their neighbours by sharing time and knowledge. The time is measured by ShareEast’s currency system, Echo. One hour is equivalent to one ‘Echo’, keeping things fair, simple and ensuring that everyone gives just as much as they gain within the community. ShareEast is based in East Village, Stratford and Hackney Wick, and it would be lovely to see similar projects in Copenhagen.

I think it is a great idea to exchange services within the community as this was the origin of what a community is about — helping each other.

— East Village resident and ShareEast member, Dolunay Erzurum

A few online projects also tries to bring neighbours together: Nextdoor, EveryBlock and Meet The Neighbors, via Caleb Gardner.

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