Based in Copenhagen, Sharing.Lab is a non profit organisation focusing on common space. We are a THINK & DO tank empowering communities in a digital era.


As local governments are confronted with a very fast pace of technological developments and a race for innovation, our mission is to help navigate in this quickly evolving environment, so they can stay in command, take advantage of the new opportunities and safeguard the common good.

In parallel, we seek to make people’s voices heard, to empower them with new tools when needed and strengthen local ties so that citizens can play a part in shaping their urban future with other actors.

We are impact drivenAt the beginning of each project, we define with our partners and clients the values we seek to create and regularly reassess our methods in order to meet our goals.

We are in permanent beta, because we are a learning organisation. We constantly develop our methods and knowledge through our readings, but most importantly, through the development of our network. We are first and foremost a collective and the skills of the individuals are what shape Sharing.Lab.

We combine long term thinking and reflections about weak signals. Rather than trying to foresee the future, we think it’s important to read the emerging present and collectively envision desirable futures. We seek to avoid tech solutionism and innovation for the sake of innovation.

We think our urban future is in all our hands. Therefore we want to empower local communities and work with making processes and tools as we now live in a time where inhabitants can and should be part of creating the solutions.